Pond Guide


Pond Guide

The Fairyland Pond challenges were introduced in January 2014. Players had previously been collecting mystery seeds by completing festive trees and opening up the large gift underneath. Inside the gifts were mystery blue seeds, later revealed to be UW toadstool seeds, which would bring with them a brand new long-term challenge and Wildlife series – the Pond Wildlife!

Where to begin …

The Underwater toadstood seed can be planted in the fairytale pot of your choice.

Once it becomes FG it will attract a mermaid to your garden that will perch itself on your mushroom and transport your garden underwater.

As long as the mermaid is perched on top of the underwater mushroom, your garden will remain underwater.

Once the UW toadstool becomes RFH, your garden will return to dry land.

The UW toadstool seeds can be found by spotting Pond Wildlife in other gardens.
you will need at least 40 seeds to complete the pond challenges, more if any section
is interrupted or not completed.

Bottom Dwellers

There are a number of challenges you can complete underwater, these include Bottom Dwellers, Frog Breeding,
Pondweed Combos, Fishy namesakes, A Rainbow of Fish, Pond Mythology and Pond & Garden.  You can use the
Pond Ultimate Set-ups to complete most of these challenges, however, some may require a little more help.

The following Pond Guides have been created to assist you with the more complicated challenges:

A Rainbow of Fish
A Rainbow of Fish and Bottom Dwellers Combined
Bottom Dwellers
Frog Breeding
Pond Mythological
Pondweed Combos

We also have a group dedicated to the pond challenges, Underwater Friendship Circle, where you can find helpful tips and other FFU members to join in your underwater adventure.