A Guide To Fairyland

Here you should be able to find all the answers you need including tips on how to attract and deter fairyland wildlife in your garden, how to create special background effects, information on plants and seeds and lots more.
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These guides are still being updated to fix problems that occurred when the site was transferred to a new platform.
While this is in progress, we have made the old site available.

Available Guides

Bee Keeping Guide
Bird Nesting Guide
Butterfly Guide
Candy Guide
Chameleon Guide
Christmas Tree Building Guide
Dinosaur Guide
‚ÄčEnchanted Jewels
Fairy Tale Gnome
Fairy Tales Guide
FL Wildlife Calculator (External Site)
Fairyland Food Guide

Fairyland Gold
Fairyland Quests
Feeding Table Building Guide
Fructus Randomus Experiment
Game Terminology
Hand Painted Pots
Jewels of the Forest
Level Up Guide
Magical Mushrooms Guide
Planimals and Planets
Plant Guide (Alpha)‚Äč
Plant Guide (By Section)

Pond Guides
Pot Shoppe Guide
Rewards Guide
Scarecrow Building Guide
Self Gifting Guide
Snowman Building Guide
Special Effects
Topiary Trails Guide
Ultimate FL Spoiler (External Site)
Ultimate Garden Set Ups
Wildlife Guide (Alpha)
Wildlife Guide (By Section)
Wildlife Timing