Alphabetical List of All Members

FM Indicates that this is a Founder Member, one of the the first 200 members that joined Freedom Fairies United.
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DISCLAIMER: Our group has NO RULES about watering. Please note that if you water in these gardens, others may also do so at ANY time. We don’t believe that anyone has a “claim” on any wildlife for any reason in our gardens, and “swooping” is a made up rule that is not acknowledged by FFU members. Wildlife is yours when you spot it. We appreciate your visits however you stalk at your own risk! Abusive or harassing comments regarding swooping or other rule breaking will be reported and deleted.
Thank you.

Abby and Lynsey (FFU)
Abigail and Lilly
Adeline and Trixie
Adrienne and The LEGENDARY V II Alpha – Lily. N.IRE ;0)
Adrienne and Ursula The Sea Witch {FFU}
Agnes and Count Your Blessings
Agnes and ~••~ Saffire Blue ~••~
Ailsa and Grace
Aleksandra and Aubrietta
Alessandra and Howlie, Raven, Fox, & Kitties
Alex and Tommy And Logan
Ali and Zebedee
Alice and Lilith
Alison and luna
Alison and Tiggy
Alison and Sassinak Rose
Alitza and Moonsparkle (FFU)
Amber and Golden Morning
Amin and ღHelianthus
Amy and Savanna
Andrea and Clementine And Q, The Gnome
Andrea and Kirnah
Andrea and Pᥲpεя Cяᥲղε (Oɾἶzυяυ) \_(ツ)_/¯
Andrea and Twinky
Andy and Dryea
Ange and ♥♥Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious♥♥
Angela and Amber
Angela and Bluegrace
Angela and Gossamer Moonglitter
Angela and Gypsy
Angenette and Elfie Uno
Angie and Melody
Anjel and Pumpkin Jack
Ann and Annabel
Ann and Bertha ~FFU FM
Ann and Fairy Chaos
Ann and Fairy Faye (Norfolk UK)
Ann and FƛȊƦƳƝƲFF (FFG Admin)
Ann and Sunny ˜
Anne and Bonzo FFU – Ancient Technophobes.
Anne and CᕼƦiş LøVҼ⚡⚡⚡
Anne and Freedom Fairy Iris
Anne and Grace
Annette and Rhyannon-SHARDANA/SARDEGNA (ex Nr Newark Notts UK)
Annie and Dippy Hippy Anniebell
Annie and Lucy In The Sky With Diamond
April and Khan
April and Maggie and Tucker
Aprille and A Moon Goddess Garden (FFU)
Areolia and Alula Flora
Art and Celeste And Elsa
Åsa and Mrs Bucket
Audrey and Mio Bello ( Frome Somerset FFU )
Aurora and Greta
Autumn and Talya
Ayleyaell and Namasfaé FFU

Baiba and Lucy in the Sky
Barb and Kittenysh
Barb and Rose Elendili
Barbara and Gaja
Barbara and Meadow Goblindancer
Barbara and Nuff
Barbara and Titaleena
Beatrice and Beasly
Ben and Bon Bon (Ben)
Bente and Cosmos♥
Bettina and Dream Fairy (FFU)
Betty and Candyfloss and Aron the Gnome
Beverly and Annalise
Beverly and Mone
Beverly and Tilted Halo
Bianca and Mollymoo
Birgit and Cirkeline¸.ღི♥ྀღ ALFF , NO RULES, FFU FM
Birgitte and Ykcul FFU FM
Bonna and *♥*The Purple Fairy*♥*
Bonnie and Honey Kisses FFU
Bree and Tallulah ♥
Bridget and Florence TFC ALFF FFG Member
Brigit and Frederic ♫
Bronwyn and Fairy Nuff

Cahit and Stargazer *TR*
Camille and Misty
Cara and Cadence
Carissa and Chanter
Carla and *☆*✻Ʈωíηкℓєѕ✻*☆*
Carlene and Fiona
Carmel and Bravina
Carmen and Morphesa Y Lunita
Carol and Celadon
Carol and Isabelle and Leo the Feisty Gnome
Carol and Jack
Carol and Lady Elinor
Carol and Lilcal
Carol and Misty
Carol and MollyCat –
Carol and Paddy
Carol and Sienna And Genome
Carole and Cazza
Carole and Miss Kitty, Proud ALFF Member ™
Carolin and Lɨℓℓγ | NRFG | FFU
Carolina and Trixie – Ireland 🙂
Caroline and Crollie
Carolyn and Eleventyseven (FFU)
Carolyn and Mimi Moo Moo
Cassie and TC
Cath and Belaine
Catherine and Lady Flora And Ivan The Gnome
Catherine and Ron
Cathy and Clitti McGee, Riding A CrysTal Myth
Cathy and Myra
Cathy and Spikey’s Festive Garden NDMP, FFU No Rules
Charlotte and Opie
Charlotte and Rosawyn
Chelle and Jezzie Belle
Cheryl and Gossamer Goldweb
Cheryl and Hope
Cheryl and Max
Cheryl and Trooper ~FFU~NDMP~
Chloe and Amalthea
Christel Yvonne and Lilly
Christi and Faith
Christina and Aiden
Christine and Angi
Christine and FFU G’Nikkolai Tasmania
Christine and Hermit Cat Lady
Christine and Tinigirl
Cindy and Chelper
Cindy and C̤̈ħɾყʂǟl̰̃i̥ͦs͜͡
Cindy and Cindy
Cindy and Frankie
Cindy and Sampson Wings Of Hope
Cj and Calliano
Claire and Emily
Claire and Woo ♥
Claudette and Mocha-lishious​ ( Ontario)
Claudia and Sprigly Freedom Fairy
Claudia and Sunshyne
Claudia and Ylang Ylang
Col and Ploppy
Corrina and Lucinda (London, England)
Crissy and Bee

Dana and Scarlet
Daniela and Víla Amálka * FFU Admin
Danijela and Marie Fredriksson ♫
David and Snoopy ~Australia~ (FFU)
Dawn and BANJO
Dawn and Emrys Nutmeg-Freedom Fairy FM FM
Dawn and .ღ Fairy Brat Purple And Katriz OH, USA .ღ
Dawn and Oak Goblinglow – USA/ Maine
Deanna and Alana And Harper
Deanna and Buddy❤️
Deb and Her Royal Zoeyness
Deb and Lilly, The Squeaky Cat –
Deb and Sod Pot
Deb and Willow-Proud ALFF Member
Debbie and Bluebell
Debbie and Brandi
Debbie and Fayette
Debbie and Gizmo ~ D#76
Debi and Bree
Debi and Pinky *Sunny Scunny * UK
Deborah and Aisling (FFU, Deb#3, NY)
Debra and Aerie-A proud member of ALFF!
Debra and Flossy
Debra and Rorie (FFU)(D99) FM
Deirdre and Orla ( Emerald Isles )
Delores and Danica
Denece and Flitter
Denice and Violet #2’s Garden Is FFU And NDMP No Rules Garden. FM
Denise and Midnight Song
Dennise and Gypsy And Mr Crunchy The Naughty Housework Gnome (S Africa)
Derina and Tinks
Despoina and D.
Diana and D And Dy
Dianalyn and Niteshade And Tianna FFU And ALFF FM
Diane and Bailey
Diane and ~♥ Beatrice FM
Diane and Gem
Diane and Doris
Doll and Lola
Donna and Freedom Elf Malkie The Alkie FM
Donna-Marie and Mackerel Fillets Inn
Donna and Minxie
Dorothy and Fletcher Of The Salish Sea
Dottie and Abigail FFU/NDMP/FFG/TFC
Dove and Freckles.

Edith and ?LuckyLips(¯`O´¯) ™
Efi & Τιλ
Eileen and dipsy daisy
Eileen and Neil’s Memorial Garden.
Eileen and Dolly Daydream (UK)
Eileen and Sapphire
Eileen and The Blessed Beeœ☽✪☾
Eileen and ˜☘️☂️☘️☂️☘️☂️Trolia❤️ , FFU
Elaine and Aine (W Australia) FFU
Elaine and Maud
Elaine and SugarPlum from the UK Freedom Fairy
Elena and Roki
Elfrida and Foxie
Elizabeth and Catsy Cline ●♥❤•♫
Ellie and Pearl’s No Rules Garden
Elsbeth and Evie
Ema and Selen
Emiliya and Pippilotta
Emily and Phoebe (England, UK)
Emily and Sister Moon, FFU Garden Verifier
Emmy and Eve
Eric Karen and Sassie
Esther and Faewyn
Eve and Feeorin (NZ)-(ALFF) (TFC)
Eve and Jiblit

Finn and Finx
Finola and Fairy Nellie & Reggie
Fiona and Dobby
Fiona and FiFi
Flossie and Angel Leo and Anna and Filbert Merrywhistle

Gail and Alf ~
Gail and Flitter Girl
Gail and Snow*Shoe [USA] *
Gem and Pagan
Gen and Nabikis
Georgia and Bubba!
Georgie and twinkletoes
Georgina and Kaliopaea
Gill and Miss Molly
Gina and Arwen
Ginger and ɠỉɠỉ
Gini and Firefly
Gloria and Glo Gigglesprinkle
Gloria and Glorious Australia
Graham and BOULDER
Greta and Toelala
Gro and Gina – Proud member of ALFF

Hal and Will E. Coyote
Hannah and Brandy
Harriet and քʀɨʍʀօֆɛ
Hazel and Charlotte Rose Adelaide
Hazel and Zachary & Annabel
Heather and )o( Elyria )o(
Heather and Armineh♥
Heather and Custard Doughnut
Heidi and Bluebird
Helen and Bill, North East, UK (TFC/NDMP)
Helen and Ellie& Rocky
Helen and oscar
Helen and Trixie Sparklejugs
Hilary and Fleta
Holly and Victoria Winters

Ian and Romanadvoratrelundar FFU
Ileana and Cosanzeana
Illyria and Cassandria
Ingrid and Alusru
Ingrid and Amelia
Irene and Bel ~ U.K
Irene and Winx
Isy and sophia

Jackie and Flit FFU
Jackie and Flitter Freedom Fairy
Jackie and Luna Lorelle
Jackie and Galadriel
Jackie and Skyler (York UK)
Jacqueline and Calliope
Jamie and Fairlynn,Freedom Fairy,NB,NDMP
Jan and Gwen The Gregarious Golden Girl (Florida, USA) FFU
Jan and Maud ( FFU
Jan and Tangle Goblinfly (FFU)
Jane and Astra NDMP’s Enchanted Snail Caravan
Jane and Purple Haze
Jane and Silvana The Sugarplum Fairy
Jane and Tooey
Janet and Belle
Janet and Daisy
Janet and JaTiLu(Oregon,USA) Proud Member Of The JANET CLUB~
Janet and Juniper
Janice and MISTY FM
Janice and TINKER BELLE✰´ ¯ `✰´ ¯ `✰´ ¯ `✰´ ¯ `✰(EAST COAST UK ) ¸✰´ ¯ `✰˛
Janie and Queenie
Janie and Sophie
Janis and Juno
Jasmine and Jewelfyre
J.B. and Cashew
Jean and Bluebell
Jean and Celebrianne, The Fairy Of Dreams
Jean and Lilliebelle And Noonie
Jean and Patchouli
Jean and Pot Collector ❤️‍?
Jen and Una
Jenette and Butterflygrl ~ FFU
Jenn and Storm (Perth Western Australia)
Jennifer and Filet Mignon~The Perpetually 3 Minutes Late Fairy
Jennifer and Guinevere ~ #30 Of The Jenny/Jennifer Club
Jennifer and Jumpin’ Jen #6 Of The Jenny/jennifer Club
Jennifer and Leyre
Jennifer and Tiger
Jenny and Her Shadow (From Auckland New Zealand)#10 Of Jenny/Jennifer Club
Jenny and MƛƝƊI-MƛI~ƑƑƲ~
Jill and Princes Pippi is #133 of the Judy Club
Jill and Walter
Jim and Norburt
Jo and Angel-Cakes (FFU)
Jo and Spellbound (Guardian Of Sassy’s Sanctuary)
Joachim and Merlin (FFU)
Joan and Lolly FFU, Alff 😉
Joan and Meg And Bo With Joan
Joan and Milo
Joan and Sunshyne And Gnipkin The Gnome (FFU, ALFF, TFC, FFG)
Joan and Vespa
Joanne and Aza~FFU
Joanne and Cassidy (Australia)
Joanne and Princess Ellis
Joanne and Wann
Jodie and Skye, Elle And Maeve (FFU)
Jolie and ♥ Gypsy ♥
Jonna and Lucille
Jordan and Fairy ‘Nuff
Josée and The Rose Garden.
Joy and Emerald’s Summerland Love Garden
Joy and Tinks
Joyce and Pinky
Juanita and Maeve Mistymoss Of Hawthorn And Oak Ring Glen
Judith and Lucia With Costa (fortune) The Gnome.
Judith and TinkerBelle~{FFU~NDMP}
Judy and BrambleBee
Judy and Judy And Saint
Judy and Lily ~ FFU
Judy and Nitro
Julia and Chablis
Julie and Bluebell FFU
Julie and =’•’=Fuzzy Face=’•’
Julie and Holly-~ALFF Member~NZ
Julie and Jewel
Julie and *~ ManyMoods ~*
Julie and RƐƝẴƮẴ♥ƸӜƷ♥❀
Julie and Tiny Tessa – Freedom Fairy Admin

Kajsa and Linnea
Kali and KaliGrrl
Kara-Mia and Efeeliea And Peekaboo Patch
Kareen and cedric
Karen and Aventurine
Karen and œ✿Belisama✿
Karen and Elyse
Karen and Estrella
Karen and Fairy Dust
Karen and Fairyella
Karen and Haylee
Karen and Ӈε♥ɾt
Karen and Morning Star
Karen and Pipette
Karen and Talias Secret Garden
Karen and Tulip (FFU)
Kari-Ann and EDie-daWn, Quack-quack And The Balcony Birdies (plus Squirrels!)
Karla and Madeline
Kat and Katriona And Whimbrel
Kate and Kiki
Kate and Sir Dover of Doverland
Kath and Pixie (from England)
Kathe and Ubiquitous, Admin TFC
Kathie and Bliss ~Kingston Ontario~
Kathleen and Belle
Kathleen and Twinky-Proud ALFF And Freedom FairyMember
Kathrine and Sleipnir (East Africa)
Kathryn and Dilly The Dancing DJ Fairy
Kathryn and HRH Queen Fiona Flutterby
Kathryn and Skinner Hope
Kathy and Calm Breeze
Kathy and Chookie
Kathy and Clíodhna Lavender
Kathy and Elfie
Kathy and Flower
Kathy and Kibbles ALFF
Kathy and Sparkle ~
Kathy and The Panda
Kathy and Twirler FFU
Katie and ✿✿✿ Rainbowberry ♥
Katja and Tinka
Kayla and Sunny
KC and Lavender
Keith and Phoenix
Kellie and Scary Biscuit
Kelly and Avery Anita
Kelly and Scarlet
Kenneth and jim beam
Kerry and Little Blue
Kim and Jettlyn ~ Freedom Fairy Admin
Kim and MamaTigerK
Kim and Moondust
Kim and Twiddledee
Kimberley and Isolde
Kim and *Tink* (michigan)
Kirran and Diana,the Moon Fairy… Diana
Kirsten and Lollo ~ ❤️ ~ FM
Kristel and kristel
Kristen and The Furry Angel Pack
Krista and Bella
Kristi and Jayla with Norbert the Baron of Madrid
Kristin and Lilac
Kristin and ☼ Sunnygirl (CANADA)
Kristina and Fey
Kyle and Moonie
Kylie and Pickelypoo ‘Legendary VII’ (FFU/ALFF Member)

Larry and Gandalf The Grey
Laura and Belle Proud FFU, TFC, NDMP And Go-NRFG FM
Laura and Faylinn Mossyroot ~ Southern California, USA ~ FFU And ALFF Fairy FM
Laura and JuJu Bee Trixie
Laura and Lana
Laura and Lemoncream
Laura and Limmerick
Laura and Temperance
Laura and Tinks Uk
Lauralynn and Jasmine
Lauren and Rose
LaVerna and Fern
LaVeta and Lolo
Leanne and Andie The Rainbow Baby
Leanne and Bungie the ‘Aussie’ Japanese Chin
Leanne and Flossy
Leanne and Courtney (Bess)
Lee and FIONA
Lesley and Faraway (Freedom Fairy)
Lesley and PTB, With No Help From Lonely Billy Gnome Eights 🙂
Lesley and Sage
Lesley and White Angel ~ (♥‿♥) ~ NO RULES ~
Leslie and Amaranth Leilani
Leslie and Gardinia
Liane and Aerial (Springfield, VA) Legendary VII, FFU
Libby and Kevin
Liette and Dora Diamant(ALFF,FFU,TFC Member)
Ligia and Las Bellas Cosas De La Vida
Lillian and Rosa (Norway)
Linda and Fairy
Linda and kettle
Linda and Maisy Hayling Island UK
Linda and Sammi
Linda and *•SaSsY•*
Linda and Trixabel
Linda and Whimsical
Lindi and Truffles
Linnea and Lavender
Lirio and Liriobelle
Lisa and Aeval ~ FFU
Lisa and Ferkin Bonkers
Lisa and Lily
Lisa and livvy lou the minxy little fairy!
Lisa and Vienna
Lise and Clarissa ~ Proud ALFF member
Liz and Daizy May
Liz and Sapphire ALFF
Liz and WIZZ In The Shires Uk
Lizzy and Tippy Two Toes (the Ghost Waterer)
Lois and Grendel Greenfingers (FFU)
Lois and Louie Bouie
Lori and Faerie Goddess Alexa
Lori and Kaylee And Tarzan The Bad Kitty Chasing Critters [FFU]
Lori and Smiling Bob And (RIP)Rascal – FFU – SWVA USA
Lori and Sparkledancer✨
Lori and Twiggy Starlit
Lorna and Absinthe
Lorna and Star
Lorraine and Saffron
Louise and Erick
Lucy and Katie
Lyn and Faerie & Lyn (Victoria Australia)

Magdalena and ꧁ Booo ꧂
Maida and MariPosa ButterFly {);(}
Mairi and ~♥♥♥ARTEMIS ~♥♥♥~
Malvika and Mal ~ Freedom Fairy
Mandy and Luna
MÀngels and Jum
Manuel and ” T ” BEAR
Maralde and Winnifred
Marcia and Luna
Maré and Isabelle Flutterpuff ~♥~Cape Town, South Africa ~♥~
Margaret and Angelina
Margaret and Elphen
Margaret and …tink
Margie and Cloudberry
Margo and Rainy
Margreet and Her Alter Ego Eta
Maria and Bionic Ogg
Maria and Khloe
Maria and ʂƚҽʅʅαʅυɳα And Pazzo {NDMP Admin}
Marie and Crystal Bell
Marie and Rosetta
Marilines Luc and Honey Y Sia
Marilyn and Inked
Marina and Moonlight ~*Algarve*~
Marion and Lottie Ggm164
Marion and *˜”*°☆Starlight☆°*”˜*
Marlee and Grunch
Marnie and & The Puppalup’s
Marsha and Crystal
Marta and Emma
Mary and Callamityann
Mary and Cobweb
Mary and Harry Potter
Mary and Serafina
Mary and Singing Rain With Her Pal Ruffles
Mary and Snapdragon
Mary Jayne and Annie,NDMP
Mateja and Little Cutie
Maureen and Matilda Rainbow (FFU)
May and Maudwidge FFU
Mayke and Lightning
Megan and Allowishes
Melanie and (¯`*♥Dark*
Melanie and Galaxy
Melanie and Mojo Jojo Lestat Royale’
Melanie and September
Melissa and Flutter FFU
Melissa and Merlina
Melissa and Pete
Melodie and Sweet Pea
Melody and Harmony
Michelle and Cσя∂єℓια
Michelle and Daisy
Michelle and Lark
Michelle and KaNo {Newcastle UK}
Michelle and Moss
Mihaela and Gåtefull Huldra
Mike and Bob
Mim and Mimosa ~*FFU*~
Minna and Hipsu
Minu and ❤️Rainbowglitter, NDMP & UFW ATF Moderator❤
Miriama and Miranda
Mirri and The Phantom Nishoba Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ FFU Ƹ̴Ӂ̴Ʒ
Miss and Sir Impsniggle
Mitzi and Evie And Jim
Molly and Poe
Monet and Harry
Monica and Sparkle Mc Icicles Princess W/ Glistening Snowflakes
Monica and Tia Tuatha
Monika and Idris (FFU)
Mystii and Arienrhod – FFU Admin

Nadine and Spacecake
Nancy and ™Anc œ
Nancy and Fanc *NO RULES GARDEN* Ontario Canada
Nancy and Shamrock Kal FFU, ALFF, TFC
Nancy and Toto And Leo (Florida)
Nancy and Willow
Natalie and ⭐️Ѕкєℓℓιиg⭐️
Natalie and Willow, Queen Of Donut Dramas
Natascha and ♪♫♥ Belize ♥♪♫
Nettie and Starlight
Nicky and Zoiebug! ♥️
Nicola and Zowi
Nicole and Lil’ Giz
Nicole and Numb Little Bug
Nieves and Joy
Nikky and Khaleesi
Nikki and *✿• Serenity*✿•
Noel and Dagwood FFU
Noreen and Little Bunny Foo-Foo-belle
Norma and Magical Nola ~GA, USA–FFU
Nubby and Anita

Odell and Daffodil Rainsparkle (California, USA) – FFU And ALFF Fairy!

Pam and Bridgets Magical Garden KY. USA FFU/ALFF
Pam and Horace FFU QLD Australia
Pam and Kingston The Mouse Catcher FM
Pam and ~Zillah~
Pamela and Peanut
Pat and Patricia Mary’s Bluebell Dell. ( FFU.)
Pat and Plum Fairy
Patricia and Inez Milholland, Suffragist
Patricia and Lady Fidget.Ont.Canada
Patricia and Lady Luck
Patricia and Lalaloupsi
Patsy and Tink
Patty and Peppermint
Paul and Bobbin
Paul and Fairy
Paula and Auntie JoanIE❤❤ MY MUM ❤GRACEE❤’S GARDEN❤ N Paula Club #39
Paula and Angelica Stalks With Help From Gnome Ella Drama
Paula and Felina (PC #361)
Paula and PJ
Pauline and Ella
Pauline and Evie-Lynn *•.¸❤¸.•*
Pearl and Mermaid (FFU)
Penny and Bestov
Phoebe and *♫♪*❀゚Tipsy Gipsy*♫♪*❀゚
Phyllis and Ladeebug********9615th To Find Pot Of Gold At Both
Phoenix and Fantasia And Gnolan The Gnome
Pippa and Nixus West Coast Fae GO-NRFG
Pippa and The Flat Pack
Polly and Fifi
Polly and Mrs Robert Thomas Pattinson

Quinton and Spikey

Rachel and Cosmo
Rachel and Serenity
Rain and Rain And Zeva (FFU, ALFF, FFG)ڿڰ✿
Rebecca and Magic Haven
Ree and Jorinda
Regen and Aisling
Regina and Alf Overhill
Rejeanne and Lucienne
Rene and Emma
Rene and LON NDMP
Renee and Feyenne
Rhonda and Tikka
Rhonda and Walter
Richard and Stickman
Rita and Miss Willow (USA = PA)
Rita and Tinkerbell
Robin and Boris
Robin and Cinda With Carlin The Gnome
Robyn and ❤️The Dog Groomer❤️
Roni and Rinki
Roni and Tiny Dancer (Illinois, USA)
Ronnie and вάвч ģίŕĻ Ļόşţ ·٠•♥❤
Rosa and Scampi With Capt’n McSeafart
RosaAna and Talina is a proud member of ALFF
Rosalind and Aussie Petal
Roseann and ~Skye~A Freedom Fairy~
Rosemary and Thalia Purple Dew Drop .. Gaff.Gang….028
Roweina and Flea
Ruth and Gandelf, With Clover The Gnome
Ruth and Pinlet

Salena and Emerald
Sallie and Tippy Toes And Jeffree The Gnome
Sandra and Lily
Sandra and Midnighϯ☆Sϯɑɾ
Sandra and Shiraz ALFF
Sandy and LuckySprinkles
Sandy and Elwood The Elf
Sandy and Tinky Winky’s Xanadu
Sarah and Beautiful Dee’s Paradise ,leg On 4/10/11 .Leg VII On 6/4/16. FFU Member
Sarah and Sarahmay
Sarah and Silvermist
Sarah and Tinka
Shannan and Betty And Tulip
Shannon and Little (FFU)
Sharon and Amber
Sharon and Bell
Sharon and Cup Cake And Gilbert Gnome
Sharon and ~♥♥Emily of Australia♥♥~
Sharon and Hazel
Sharon and Pixey
Sharon and Rosie
Sharon and SherSparkles
Sharon and Skayc1
Sharon and Twinkletoes ~ Freedom Fairy (Gold Coast, Australia)
Sharon and Violet
Shaun and SuNfLoWeR ˜
Sheena and Cailleach
Shell and cheeky
Shelly and Cassiopeia the Animal Rescue Fairy =^..^=
Sheri and Kitanya
Sherry and Mugwort And Geronimo Gnome
Shona and Fenacity FFU´¯`•.¸¸.☆
Shivonne and Barney The Ruler Of The House
Silvia and Elfleda-Fae And Kiwi-Sprite
Siobhan and Ansio
Soledad and Iris
Sonya and Petra W/ Gnome Sir Pippin VonGrumpypants
Sophie and Nyx (UK)
Star and Lilybug
Stella and Sparkly Star
Stephen and Moonlight (NDMP)
Stephanie and Lillie
Stephanie and ScarlettRose
Sue and Bella Donna
Sue and Gorgeous Girls
Sue and Isadore
Sue and Liadan
Sue and Matilde
Sue and Millie Moo
Sue and Rosie (FFU) FM
Sue and Sandra (Eng)
Sue and Shaylee
Sue and Sɱɛɛagaiɳ
Sue and Susie
Susan and Charlotte From Kansas City, Mo
Susan and Dark Maggie
Susan and Genieveve
Susan and Iris
Susan and JazzyRazzy Sprinkleplops*FFU/ ALFF
Susan and Miranda
Susan and Shamus
Susan and Twiglet
Susie and Astrid
Susie Q and Avalonia© Queen Regnant Of Avalon
Susie and Sparklie
Suzanne and Paisley Flugglepiffer

Tamara and Dusty
Tammy and Buttercup
Tammy and Gillie (Dallas TX USA) FFU
Tammy and Piglet
Tammy and Winkie
Tamsin and Angel ❤ ✘♥✘
Tanina and Alice ♥
Tanya and Elsie
Tara and Faelinn Feddle❤️
Teresa and Arcadia {FFU}
Teri and Wonderboy FREEDOM ELF
Terry and Tara
Tess and Rosemia
Theresa and Daizy (FFU)
Tímea and Puding & Árnyék
Tijana and Shrike
Tina and Fairy Faye
Toril and Ellie. FFU Norway FM
Tracey and Mellow’s Garden
Tracy and Moonbird
Tracy and Nixie
Tracy and ~Periwinkle~ And Hamish Glitterbottom Dragonsbane The Gnome
Trish and Twishabelle
Trish and Crocus (Ibiza)
Tuula and M


Valerie and Kittycat
Valerie and VALF*LEG VII
Varee and Bonnie Wee Lass (Victoria BC,Canada)
Vera and Maggiemop
Veronica and Melody
Vicki and LXS
Vicki and Vicki And Sprinkles UFW Admin
Vickie and Lydia
Victoria and Maggie/Emma
Virginia and Juniper Icedancer
Vivian and Evvie’s Garden

Wanita and Ziana (FFU)
Wendy and Charlotte
Wendy and ♥Presh♥ (W20) Jervis Bay Australia
Wendy and Whisper (288)
Whisper and Misty
Wilma and Niche

Yiska and Calypso
Yolande and Nimes
Yvette and Shimmerwing Bubblezephyr

Zayla and Lafayette
Željka and ☆★☆ Lanne ☆★☆
Zena and *♥*Smokey*♥*
Zoe and Lottie N Nigels Garden