Request Membership

Follow our Three Step Process to Join

Before requesting membership please take just a couple of minutes to read through our
Member Guidelines to be make sure we are the group for you.

You’ll need your garden link to complete the application, if you can’t find it 
click here to visit my backwall and leave me a message.

Step 1

Read New Member Guidelines

Step 2

Please complete the form below to request membership in Freedom Fairies. The form contains a short questionnaire
for you to complete, please answer the questions honestly as this will help you decide if Freedom Fairies is the right group
for you. Once you have completed the form please click the link at the bottom of the page to join our facebook group.
It may take several days while we process your application to join so please be patient during this time.

To find your garden link please go to Fairyland click ‘My Garden’, now you need to use your
mouse to highlight the address that is in your browser bar, it will look something like this:

The number at the end will be unique to you though.
Highlight the address in your browser bar, now right click your mouse and click copy, return 
to this page and in the garden link box right click your mouse and then click paste.
Without your garden link we will not be able to process your membership.

We look forward to seeing you in the group soon.

Please complete this application form in full.

Step 3

We are unable add you to the group if you do not click the Join group link on Facebook, use the link below to go to the Freedom Fairies Group now.


♥♥ Freedom Fairies Admin Team ♥♥