Sprinkling Lists

All of our active members are automatically added to our Membership List
and can be found on the All Members page.

The wildlife specific sprinkling lists are prepared by a team of volunteers who are all shown below.
The team visits your garden once a week (Thursday/Friday) and identifies what sprinkle list(s) your garden will be placed on based upon what you are attracting at that time. If you are attracting more than five different types of wildlife then the most popular five types of wildlife, or those that earn the highest amount of diamonds, will be given preference.The Sprinkling Lists are updated the days after the verifiers visit your garden. You may also advertise your own garden by posting in our Facebook Group. We also have a list of Quiet Gardens that often have more than 50% of their wildlife missed and need some extra visitors.  Our verifiers add them to the quiet list at the same time the gardens are verified.

Current Verification Times
Thursday start time:   9am BST time (1am EDT/USA | 10pm PST/USA | 6pm AEST)
Friday end times:   6am BST time (5am EDT/USA | 2am PST/USA | 9pm AEST)

The new lists are published over the weekend.
Please remember the work is all done by members of the group who volunteer their time.

Alice in Wonderland
Babies (incl. Families)
Birthday Wildlife
Butterflies and Caterpillars
Candy Critters

Endangered (Jewel Wildlife)
Extinct Wildlife
Fairy Tales
Gold Wildlife
Hummingbirds (Jewel Wildlife)
Level 1-10 (incl. Albino and Melanistic)
Level 11+ (incl. Albino and Melanistic)
Mice and Mallards Only

All Pond Wildlife
Quiet Gardens
Rainforest (Jewel Wildlife)
Seasonal Wildlife
Topiary Wildlife
Zodiac Wildlife

DISCLAIMER: Our group has NO RULES about watering. Please note that if you water in these gardens, others may also do so at ANY time. We don’t believe that anyone has a “claim” on any wildlife for any reason in our gardens, and “swooping” is a made up rule that is not acknowledged by FFU members. Wildlife is yours when you spot it. We appreciate your visits however you stalk at your own risk! Abusive or harassing comments regarding swooping or other rule breaking will be reported and deleted.
Thank you.