Ultimate Garden Set Ups

Ever wondered how someone manages to get plates full of great wildlife? Sometimes it is down to luck but more
often than not it is careful planning and planting! Here you can find tips on how to help increase your chances
of attracting some of the most elusive wildlife in fairyland.We have pictured the ideal set up for most of the wildlife in Fairyland. Follow the set up guidelines we have given and you cant go wrong! It’s often best to just try and attract one type of wildlife at a time, trying to attract too many different types at once will leave you open to more visits from mice and mallards. We will focus on one type of wildlife at a time here unless otherwise specified. Please remember however that most set ups will always still allow for visits from something else that you may not be trying to attract, such as common wildlife and myths, these visitors are unavoidable!

We have used clumps of grass to plant in where possible but unless the set up specifies a particular pot
​you can plant in anything.

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Level 1-10 (incl. Albino and Melanistic)
Level 11+ (incl. Albino and Melanistic)
Fairy Tales

Thanks to Bram, there is now a Wildlife Calculator!
Choose plants and food plates and drag them into the garden sample to
see what each plant at specific stages of growth will attract at a glance!