Rewards Guide

In Fairyland there are a number of different rewards that can be obtained by completing different tasks and levels, below you can find a full list of those rewards and how to get them.
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Bonus Seeds

Complete all 42 garden levels to unlock the ‘Bonus Seeds’ section

Magical Mushrooms

Your wildlife level is determined by the number of diamonds you have earned by spotting and attracting wildlife. Achieving new Wildlife Levels will help you to unlock ‘Magical Mushrooms’ for growing in your Garden, each mushroom is progressively better at deterring common wildlife until you reach the bonus stage which are all equally as good as the pink cap. Each mushroom also attracts a new mythological wildlife.

Jewels of the Forest

Part precious gemstone and part seed, the Jewels of the Forest are extremely rare and much sought-after in Fairyland. The Fairyland Wildlife are the sole guardians of the Jewels of the Forest; they are not available simply to purchase from the Shoppe. However, when you are lucky enough to find one (they are occasionally dropped by wildlife when spotted), it will be stored for you in the Seed Shoppe until you are ready to plant it. Forest jewels are needed for many wildlife in Fairyland, including attracting Rainforest, purchasing Butterpillaflora for Butterflies and for purchasing Supershrooms.

Enchanted Jewels

The Enchanted Jewels of the Forest are some of the rarest of all Fairyland seeds. Enchanted Jewels can only be obtained from rainforest wildlife and hummingbirds. Only upon every 10th spotting of a rainforest animal or a hummingbird will it reward you with an Enchanted Jewel. The Enchanted Jewels will help you to attract both the Endangered Rainforest Wildlife and Hummingbirds to your Garden.


Supershrooms are the only Magical Mushroom to have a 100% deterrent effect on Mice and Mallards. In addition, they don’t attract any Mythological wildlife while fully grown. Anyone can plant Supershrooms, regardless of your Wildlife Level, however you need to earn them by collecting either ‘Forest Amber’ or ‘Forest Sunlight’ Jewel Seeds. Once you have completed the butterflies challenge you will also be able to use your Forest Rubies to purchase Supershrooms.

Gnome Table

The Gnome Table is unlocked once you complete all of the Fairytales section and can be used in addition to your other two feeding tables, allowing a ‘third’ table in your garden.

Rainbow Rocks

Completing the Rainbow of Fish challenge unlocks a beautiful “Rainbow Rocks” pot for you, which has the special magical ability to make a mushroom instantly ready to harvest.


Completing the Bottom Dwellers challenge unlocks a Birdbath which will attract all birds and chicks that you have previously attracted to your garden. Each chick spotted will also give both the spotter and the garden owner 10 gold each.

Indestructible Nest

Nests completed by ALL HUMMINGBIRDS will never need repairing, they are ideal for the Easter Chicks as they can be used over and over to incubate without breaking.


Completing the Topiary challenge will unlock a Greenhouse in your garden. Your Greenhouse can store up to 3 plants with time frozen until you wish to use them again. (Note: The plants for some challenges are not storable, though many are!)

Wildlife Poles

The wildlife poles can be found in the Pot Shoppe, they can be painted as you progress through the Fairyland Quests and will then attract Extinct wildlife to your Garden!

Buildable Feeding Tables

After completing all Quest Levels, you can begin building your own Feeding Tables. The first set of table ‘parts’ are automatically unlocked as soon as you complete all Quest Levels. If you wish, you can then unlock even more table parts by completing all Quests (excluding seasonal) within each level at least once.

Seasonal Pots

Summer Pots are available by growing and harvesting sunflowers. There are usually seven (7) summer pots released with the Summer Wildlife, to collect depending on the size of the sunflower. Spooky Pots are available by growing and harvesting pumpkins. There are usually seven (7) spooky pots release with the Halloween Wildlife, to collect depending on the weight of the pumpkin.

48 hours of Free Superfood every month

This reward is unlocked after you complete the Dino Challenge by attracting 40 of each Dinosaur. You can start the 48 hours of free Superfood whenever you like, but only once a month. Note: You need to wait at least two (2) hours after placement to clear any Superfood plate during this period – including those which you might obtained by other means (for example Birthday Cake).

Mad Hat Table

Available for free in the Feeding Table Pot Shoppe after completing Alice challenge. Can be either Raised or Low, and changed at any time for the price of one diamond dust. It can be used along with regular feeding tables and Gnome Table, raising the maximum amount of feeding tables in the garden to four. It changes colour every day at midnight GMT. One per player, but can be freely discarded and bought again.


After completing Chameleons challenge (by both attracting and spotting the Rainbow Chameleon at least once), a special Pot will be unlocked for you in the ‘Misc’ section of the Pot Shoppe – this pot allows you to instantly grow a Rainbow Chameleana flower any time you wish 🙂