Verification Instructions

Start by selecting the garden link for the garden you are in, find the correct wildlife category (eg. Levels 1-10), then paste the link into the Garden Link box.  Now find the wildlife in the dropdown box for the Wildlife being attracted in the garden.  If more wildlife than the form allows are being attracted in a section, simply refresh the form to add more.  Please list for all Wildlife being attracted, we are aiming to add at least 5 types of wildlife listed for each garden, but only if they are attracting that many.

Once you have filled in all the details for that garden you can press submit for the categories that you have entered data for, you do not need to submit categories that are not required. The box for each section does disappear once you have pressed submit. Press F5 to refresh the page and you will get all the boxes back and you can move onto the next garden to verify. If F5 doesn’t work, try Ctrl+F5, your browser’s refresh icon or right mouse/reload. You could also open the form in a new tab if this is quicker for you.

We are verifying every section below if the garden is frozen less than two (2) days.  We do not verify gardens frozen more than two (2) days and less than four weeks, please SKIP them altogether.  If the garden has been frozen longer than four (4) weeks scroll to the bottom of the page and add then to the Frozen Gardens ( four (4) weeks +) ONLY.

We list gardens with only MICE AND MALLARDS in a separate category at bottom of form. Gardens with ONLY a mushroom and no other plants are also listed here under MYTHS, if the mushroom is RFH then it can be added to MICE AND MALLARDS also.  A garden that has no food or has had empty uncleared table for longer than two days is a WILTER garden, the option is found in the same section. You will also be able list QUIET gardens here, a quiet garden is one that has had 50% or more of the critters unspotted (missed).


Please watch for plants that deter certain critters.  Check the fairyland guides on the website if you are confused here (alpha plant) or here (section plant) or here (alpha wildlife) or here (section wildlife).  JUST DO YOUR BEST YOU WILL GET FASTER AND BETTER AS TIME GOES ON 🙂

On babies please list them if they have any jewel out and have the attracting plant.

With Fairy Tales, if they have the mushroom out and it will be ready for harvest in the next 20 hours or less after you verify then list them as Fairy Tale.  If they already have the Fairy Tale Critters coming to their garden also list them as Fairy Tale, unless they are only attracting the Birthday Wise Fairy.

Thank you so much for all you do!