You have successfully completed the ‘Topiary Trail’ challenges!
Your reward is this useful little Greenhouse!

Your Greenhouse can store up to three (3) plants with time frozen until you wish to use them again

You can find the greenhouse by using the new button that has appeared in your garden
(next to the button to send a limited edition gift)

There are some limitations to the use of the greenhouse, here is what Mike (the developer)
said about using the Greenhouse in the forums

“The idea of the Greenhouse is that you can store plants such as:
– Partially used Supershrooms (so you can use the remaining time on them later)
– Long-growing plants such as the ventus (to save regrowing)
– Rare plants such as Percy Pineapple (he’s difficult to grow, so you now only need to do it once 🙂
– Some people even like to keep things such as the very old design christmas trees – these can now be stored so they don’t interfere with other tasks 🙂

There will be a few restrictions on what can be stored, for example “Baby Bubbles” won’t be storable (as this would enable cheating!)

There may be one or two other plants which I have missed which I may need to exclude from being storable in the future – so please let me know if there are any other things which you think shouldn’t be storable. The idea is certainly not to take all the challenge out of the other challenges or to enable any clever cheats!

Just to be clear so people don’t keep posting incorrect/conflicting information – the greenhouse is only for storing plants. You can’t keep food (or birdbaths) in the greenhouse!

(Food was storable for a short while, but this was a mistake on my part)”