Topiary Trails Guide

The Fairyland Topiary Trails were introduced in January 2015.

Players had previously been collecting mystery seeds by completing festive trees and opening up the large gift  underneath. Inside the gifts were mystery green seeds, later revealed to be Topiary Bush Seeds, which would bring with them a brand new long-term challenge and Wildlife series – the​ Topiary Wildlife! Topiary is of course the art of training plants to grow in fanciful shapes.

​Topiary Bush Seeds & Topiary Pots

Topiary Bush seeds need to be earned by spotting topiary wildlife. You will earn one every 10th time you spot any of the Topiary Wildlife in someone else’s Garden.

Topiary Bush seeds can only be planted in Topiary pots (which are available in the Pot Shoppe). Topiary Pots are purchased with Pink Diamonds, and the first ones are very cheap – only 10 Pink Diamonds each. As you progress through the Topiary levels, more Pink Diamonds will be needed to purchase the pots, so you will need to keep collecting them! 

After purchasing a pot, plant a “Topiary Bush” seed in it, once your Topiary is fully grown, follow the instructions to complete the “Topiary Trail” for this pot (don’t worry – it will become clear exactly what a “Topiary Trail” is as you complete the challenge!)

Topiary Trail Wildlife

After you get the hang of how Topiary Trails work, you’ll realize that some careful forward-planning may be helpful. In particular, you should check to see which wildlife are coming up in the next Topiary Trail, so you can plant ahead when appropriate.

Please remember the Topiary Trails are intended as a long-term challenge, for players who enjoy challenges which can be completed gradually over time. You’ll need to do things such as collect resources (seeds, ​gold, pink diamonds etc), garden planning, hunting etc. Each Topiary Pot will take you on a magical Topiary Trail where the Topiary wildlife you grow comes to life!

There are seven (7) new coloured Topiary Pots available in the Pot Shoppe, which you unlock one by one in the
following order, each requiring a number of tasks to be completed.

Red Topiary Trail
Orange Topiary Trail
Yellow Topiary Trail
Green Topiary Trail
Blue Topiary Trail
Indigo Topiary Trail
Violet Topiary Trail

Please click on the links above to go directly to the corresponding trail information. We have also provided a quick reference chart of the Topiary Wildlife & Requirements ​needed for each trail to complete the challenge.

Topiary ​Wildlife Requirements Chart

We also have a Group dedicated to Topiary issues and information Topiary Friends where you will find other members just starting and well advanced along the topiary trail.