Self-Gifting Guide

There are many seasonal plants that allow you to “self gift” without paying any gold. These links will only work during the seasonal release time of the plant, so you will not be able to use them all year round. They usually work for about one (1) to two (2) weeks after the plant is no longer available to gift to friends.

There is a “basic” self gifting link (, and you just add the word for the particular one you want at the end, for example iceflower, poinsettia, etc. Those available are listed below.

If you want something that is not available using a “short link”, you can get one by accepting a gift from a friend, copying the link from your browser, and changing the gift code (4 digits) to the one you want. A list of codes is available below.

Note : If you have accepted it previously, it will still show in pending as if you have one waiting, but when you try to put it in your garden, it will say NO!!

How to send yourself a gift!

Seasonal Gifts are only available for a limited time. You can send gifts to any friends you like for FREE, including friends who are not already in Fairyland! And if you just can’t wait to receive one as a gift yourself, you also have the option to buy one for
your own Garden right now from Ye Olde Fairyland Gift Shoppe (for a small amount of Gold) !

Note: All Limited Edition gifts have an expiry time, after which they can no longer be planted.
This is approximately one (1) week after the plant is no longer available for gifting.
However if you have not been sent the  gift you want by a friend and you do not wish to
spend gold on buying it there are other ways!

If you have ANY other gift waiting to be accepted you can use this method:
Click on the Gifts/Requests icon in the top right hand corner of your garden.
Click to accept ANY gift.
Now you will have a link something like this at the top of your browser window:


The number highlighted bold is the Gift Code.
Change this number to the Gift Code of the gift you wish to receive.
All of the gift codes are listed in the charts below.
Press enter and the gift you require will either be placed in your garden,
or if you already have the maximum number of items in your garden it will be saved as a pending plant.

Always available

Plant Gift Code Self-Gifting Link Release Date Expiry Date
Nesting Tree

For those who have never accepted the gift of a free completed nest, you can use this link ONCE only….
Always available The Nesting Tree never expires!
Nesting Rock
5050 Not currently available Always available The Nesting Rock never expires!

Seasonal Gifts

Plant Gift Code Self-Gifting Link Release Date Expiry Date
First Flower of Spring
5013 Not available 27th – 30th January End of February
5012 1st – 7th February Mid-March
5017 Not available 7th – 9th March End of March
Earth Flower
(Earth Hour)

5014 Not available 21st – 26th March End of March
Earth Flower
(Earth Day)

5016 Not available 18th – 22nd April Earth Day (22nd April)
5015 15th – 27th March End of April
Easter Egg Plant
5202 8th March End of April
Bee Hive
(Summer Bees)

5201 30th April End September
5019 20th June – 26th July End of August
Pink Ribbon Plant
5001 1st October End of October
5007 8th – 11th October Mid-November
Halloween Flower
5002 8th – 9th October Mid-November
5040 7th – 9th October Mid-November
Venus Flytrap
5042 Not available 8th – 9th October End-November
5003 Not available 5th – 6th November Mid-November
Holiday Calendar
5041 1st December End of December
Christmas Tree
5000 1st December End of December
5004 27th November Early January
Ice Flower
5011 27th November End of January
5009 27th November End of January
New Year Flower
5005 Not available 28th – 29th December End of December

Zodiac Gifts

Plant Gift Code Self-Gifting Link Release Date Expiry Date
Aries Astroflorus
5030 Not available 17th – 19th March End of April
Taurus Astroflorus
5031 Not available 18th April End of May
Gemini Astroflorus
5020 Not available 19th May End of June
Cancer Astroflorus
5021 Not available 18th – 19th June End of July
Leo Astroflorus
5022 Not available 18th – 21st July End of August
Virgo Astroflorus
5023 Not available 21st August End of September
Libra Astroflorus
5024 Not available 20th September End of October
Scorpio Astroflorus
5025 Not available 21st – 23rd October End of November
Sagittarius Astroflorus
5026 Not available 20th November End of December
Capricorn Astroflorus
5027 Not available 20th – 22nd December End of January
Aquarius Astroflorus
5028 Not available 18th – 19th January End of February
Pisces Astroflorus
5029 Not available 17th – 19th February End of March