Candy Guide

The Fairyland Candy Wildlife were introduced in January 2020.

​Chocolate Candyflower Seeds

Chocolate Candyflower Seeds are available in the Misc section of Seed Shoppe. You can only plant them into Hand-Painted pots. Everyone starts with 3 Candyflower seeds. Further seeds can be earned in two ways:

Every 10th Candy Critter you attract to your garden will drop a seed, which will be saved for you in the Seed Shoppe. Candies grown from those seeds are completely random.

Every 5th (or 2nd) Candy Critter you spot in other gardens will drop a seed if you have empty Hand Painted pot in your garden. The shape of the Candy will depend on the critter you have spotted, the colour will be random.

Chocolate Candyflower Fruit

Candyflowers bloom into balls of chocolate when ‘flowering’, which melts when ‘ready for harvest’, revealing the Candy colour and shape. A Hand-Painted pot which has melted chocolate on it cannot be used again for Candyflowers – you need a fresh pot each time. There are 7 different shapes and 7 different colours your Candy can fruit into, total of 49 different Candies. In addition to these, you can also acquire Rainbow colour for all shapes, but that can only be dropped by every 10th Violet of each Candy Critter attracted to your garden. It takes 24 hours for the Candyflower to bloom, and additional 24 hours for it to fruit – total of 2 days.

Attracting Candy Wildlife

To attract Candy Wildlife, you must have exactly three (3) Candyflower fruits in your garden – no more, no less. The Violet of each type of Candy Critter is the hardest to attract. It requires a precise combination of  three (3) Candy colours and shapes in the correct order. Other colours of Candy Wildlife will visit whenever ​you have some part of the combination right:

Red Candy Critter visiting means you have a correct shape, but wrong colour on the left
Orange Candy Critter visiting means you have a correct shape AND colour on the left
Yellow Candy Critter visiting means you have a correct shape, but wrong colour in the middle
Green Candy Critter visiting means you have a correct shape AND colour in the middle
Blue Candy Critter visiting means you have a correct shape, but wrong colour on the right
Indigo Candy Critter visiting means you have a correct shape AND colour on the right

How to find the correct combination for Violet

​You will need to grow exactly three (3) Candy Fruits and experiment with them by moving them to different positions (left, middle and right) and placing different types of food (different Candy Wildlife eats different types of food – Veggies, Bird Mix, Tropical Fruits or Wild Berries) to find whether each of the set-ups attract any Candy Wildlife.

Make notes whenever you get any kind of Candy Critter. Change the position and food, until you try all combinations. There are community-made spreadsheets to help you record your progress.

If you manage to get Orange, Green or Indigo of any Candy Wildlife, keep that Candy.

Discard the rest and plant some new ones. Keep in mind you will not attract anything if you have more or less Candy Fruits in your garden – only three (3) will attract anything.

Your initial goal is to discover the order of SHAPES for each kind of Candy Wildlife. You can fine-tune the colours later. For this, the best strategy is to plant the Chocolate Seeds from the Seed Shoppe, the fruit grown from these seeds is completely random.

Once you have tried all the seven (7) shapes on all three (3) positions with all four (4) kinds of food, you can move to the colour fine-tuning.

If you have acquired at least one Candy which is correct (both shape and colour) for any type of Candy Widlife, it is best to attempt to finish the combination for that particular Candy Wildlife, especially if you don’t have a Greenhouse to store your needed plants.

You can continue to plant random seeds from the Shoppe, but at this point you might consider hunting for a specific Candy Wildlife, especially if you are low on diamonds. Remember that once you let the Candy fruit (RFH), the melted Chocolate renders your pot useless and you need to buy a new one for 75 diamonds. By hunting, you can significantly reduce the number of Hand-Painted pots you need to use, because each Candy Wildlife only drops one specific shape (the colour will still be random). You can further reduce the options by observing the bud size and direction (the bud will appear after exactly four (4) diamond dusts), this will tell you the possible colours.  See the spoiler at the bottom of the page.

Once you get all three (3) Candies correct, you will attract Orange, Green and Indigo Candy Wildlife of the same type and the Violet one as a bonus.

Rainbow Candy Wildlife

Once you manage to find your combination for Violet, leave an empty Hand-Painted Pot in your garden. Every 10th Violet Candy Critter you attract will plant a Rainbow Candy Seed.

The Rainbow Candy wildlife requires an entirely new combination of three (3) Candies, one of which needs to be the Rainbow Candy you have got from attracting Violet.

Whenever there is a Rainbow Candy in your garden, the behaviour of the Candy Critters will change to help you find the correct combination. This will be an entirely new set of  three (3) Candies, which you need to discover the exact same way as is described for Violet. Only this will be slightly easier, as one of the shapes will be always the Rainbow you have already grown (you just need to find the correct position for it), so you are only searching for the remaining two.

Additional help & spoilers

To record your progress with combinations for Violet and Rainbow, you can use this Google Spreadsheet (copy the sheet to be able to use it) or check the Files in our Facebook fan group for some other options. You can also create your own – you can even use old-fashioned pen & paper!

Have enough diamonds ready to spend on the Hand Painted pots. You can expect to use 100-150 Hand Painted pots to finish the challenge, which equals approximately 10,000 diamonds.

Spoiler for Candy Flower Buds

The table tells you which shape each of the Candy Wildlife drops to the empty Hand-Painted Pot you prepared in your garden. Wait for it to grow a bud, or dust it exactly 4 times with Diamond Dust to make the bud appear instantly. Find the bud you have grown in the table below, the background colour indicates possible outcomes (there are always 2 or 3 possible colours for each bud shape).