Bee Keeping Guide

The Fairyland Bee challenge was introduced in August 2015.​

Honey Blossom Seeds

Honey blossom seeds are earned by spotting the different coloured bees in other gardens. The 1st of every colour will give you a seed. Then every 10th red, 7th orange, 6th yellow, 5th green, 4th blue or indigo and 3rd violet​

Bee Hives & Honey Pots

​Honey blossom seeds can only be planted in a honey pot which can only be obtained by harvesting a full bee hive.

Bee hives are only available during Summer and cannot be purchased.  You obtained them as gifts, however it is possible to self gift these.  The self-gifting link for bee hives is


Bee Challenge

Please remember that this is intended as a medium to long-term challenge for players who enjoy challenges that can be completed gradually over time. You’ll need to do things such as collect resources (seeds, gold, pink diamonds etc), ​garden planning, hunting etc.  Storing bee hives is a good idea if you wish to complete the challenge after summer.

How to complete the challenge

Step 1

Start with an empty hive and berries to get 5 red bees to build your hive. (any height table is fine but remember to put out a Dulcia somnifera when using a high table if you have started breeding frogs)

Step 2

Harvest the hive to get a honey pot

Step 3

Plant a Honey Blossom seed in the honey pot.  You will get a flower with 5 red petals, so it will attract RED bees, and occasionally some ORANGE bees. Don’t forget to spot bees in other gardens to collect more Honey Blossom Seeds.

Step 4

Put out a new empty hive (or 2 or 3) and try to attract orange bees to build them.  If you get red ones, you can discard the hive and put out a new one or save the all red hives for attracting bears later.  You can use the self gifting link above to get more hives…  feel free to send as many as you can fit to storage for later!!

NOTE: EACH bee that builds a hive, contributes ONE petal to the flower…  If you have 4 red bees and 1 orange bee, you will get 4 red petals and 1 orange petal. 3 red bees and 2 orange bees will give 3 red petals and 2 orange petals..  and so on.  Having more petals in the colour you want, will create a stronger attraction.

TIP: If you have 2 flowers with 3 or more of a desired colour, use them together to increase the attraction.  This will also decrease the competition from other critters such as mice and dragons.

Step 5

Once you have a completed hive with at least ONE orange bee, harvest it (to get the pot) and then plant your next Honey Blossom seed. REMOVE THE ALL RED FLOWER!  Orange petals will give you a stronger attraction for orange bees.

Step 6

Repeat Step 5 each time you “improve” the number of orange petals until you get an ALL orange flower.

​Step 7

Once you have ALL ORANGE, you will attract orange bees, and the occasional YELLOW bee.

Repeat the above process until you get an ALL YELLOW flowers. 
Keep repeating for each colour!!!