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Sunday December 13th
Our extra special Triple Star Dust offer ends very soon, so this is your last chance to get it!

The Special Offer Has Now Ended!

November 2020

Fairyland's Holiday Calendar Is Back!
Monday November 30th
Fairyland's Holiday Calendar is back again! This year, there are some beautiful new 'Snow Globe' pots to collect, along with the return of a few seasonal favourites from previous years, in case you missed them.

Get started now by gifting Holiday Calendars to friends!

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You can only have a maximum of 2 Snow Globes in your Garden at one time, so there's no reason to collect too many of each one. There are 16 different Snow Globe designs available, so don't worry if you don't manage to get one of them - there will be plenty more to try for on future days!

How it works

Each day throughout December, open the calendar door and behind it will be hiding one of the Fairyland Winter Wildlife.

You then have 12 hours before the door closes again, and during this time your quest is to spot this wildlife in other gardens - the first one you spot will light up a set of your Fairylights, and every one you spot will drop a lovely new pot for you as a gift!

There are 31 different pots to be collected in all - a different one each time you open the door.

Important: Before you go hunting, make sure you have some space available in your storage area, or you won't get the pot.


Like last year, the calendar also puts some Fairylights up in your Garden, which start out unlit. Then when you successfully spot each day's wildlife, it will light up one of your Fairylights. Finally, when your calendar is finished, your lights will animate :)

New! There's also a new style of Fairylights this year, along with the original style in case you prefer that one. It's random which style you get, so if you don't get the one you want, just discard your calendar before starting it, and try putting another one in your Garden until you get the one you want.

Happy Hunting!
Holiday Calendar Delay...
Monday November 30th
Due to an issue reported by players, the release of this year's Holiday Calendar (which is usually released on the last day of November) has been delayed by 1 day while we make the necessary changes...

An update will be posted here once it is available :)

Apologies for the inconvenience caused
It's Time To Decorate The Tree!
Sunday November 29th
Fairyland's Festive Trees are back again - and as usual, a small gift can be found under each completed tree, which can be opened later this month!

Get started right away by sharing some trees with your friends:

Send Gifts

If it's your first time decorating the tree, then you can find details about how to do it after you have planted one in your Garden.

You only need to complete one tree to get the gift - it's not necessary to complete multiple trees, except for fun! It's also important that you plant and decorate a brand new tree to get this year's gift - if you continue with a partially completed tree from last year, then you won't get the gift.)

Happy decorating!

Poinsettias, Ice Flowers & Snowmen!
Friday November 27th
The Fairyland winter season is upon us again, and our usual wintery seasonal items have started appearing in the Gift Shoppe!

First up, the Poinsettia:

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When flowering, the Poinsettia will attract seasonal birds your Garden (Cardinals and Robins), and when harvested, all Poinsettias release a small but welcome gift of Gold!

Our regular Ice Flowers are also now available:

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While flowering, the Ice Flower will bring a beautiful flurry of snow to your Garden, attracting cold-weather wildlife such as the Arctic Fox and the Arctic Hare.

And as usual, whenever the snow is falling in your Garden, any Mice & Mallards visiting will be dressed in their best festive outfits, and will give double diamonds when spotted!

And finally, you can now build Snowmen (and Snow-women) again!

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Not sure how to build a Snowman? Put one in your Garden, and it will have a "Help" link which you can click to get all the info you need.

An EXTRA Special Festive Offer!
Monday November 23rd
Some great news today - our EXTRA special festive offer is available once again...

Get TRIPLE Star Dust on any purchase!

Click Here To View Offer

After this, future special offers will revert to the usual Double Star Dust, so be sure to get the Triple Star Dust while you can - it's available for the next couple of weeks only!

Plant A Poppy!
Sunday November 8th
Fairyland's Limited Edition Poppy is now available again in the Gift Shoppe for sending to friends!

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When 'ready for harvest', Poppies will attract beautiful Peace Doves to your Garden.

October 2020

It's Fairyland Halloween...
With New Haunted Mushroom Pots!
Wednesday October 7th
The Fairyland Halloween gifts are now available for sending again, this year with some brand new haunted Mushroom Pots to be earned for harvesting different weight pumpkins!

Halloween Flowers

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Venus Flytraps

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You can also earn these 7 new Mushroom Pots for harvesting different weights of Pumpkin. But be warned... some of them are Haunted!

Weight   Spooky Pot Earned
6-10 lbsCandy Mushroom Pot
11-16 lbsCopper Pumpkin Mushroom Pot
17-22 lbsBat Mushroom Pot
23-28 lbsCauldron Mushroom Pot
29-34 lbsLantern Mushroom Pot
35-39 lbsSkull Mushroom Pot
40+ lbsJar Mushroom Pot

And just for fun, here are the Top 10's of largest pumpkins grown this year:

Today's 10 Biggest Pumpkins

Updated every 5 minutes

(None Yet!)

Yesterday's 10 Biggest Pumpkins

Updated daily at midnight GMT

(None Yet!)

This Year's 10 Biggest Pumpkins

Updated daily at midnight GMT

1st Place
348 lbs

2nd Place
336 lbs

3rd Place
278 lbs

4th Place
260 lbs
Lori Jean

5th Place
260 lbs

6th Place
240 lbs

7th Place
238 lbs

8th Place
232 lbs

9th Place
230 lbs

10th Place
228 lbs

In case you haven't done these items in previous years, you will find help/instructions for the Scarecrow, Flytraps and Pumpkins after you put one in your Garden :)

Seasonal Quest Alert!

Our Halloween seasonal quest, "Spooky Sprinkling", is of course back again too.

Different variations on this quest are available at a few different levels, but only until November 7th, while the Halloween Flower is still available in the Gift Shoppe.
It's Time To Turn Fairyland Pink Again!
Thursday October 1st
Every October, Fairyland turns pink to help raise breast cancer awareness, and our Pink Plant is now available for sending to friends:

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And of course, all the usual Pink wildlife (Pink Elephants, Pink Panther, Flamingos, Pink Dolphins etc) are back again this year!

Seasonal Quest Alert!
The seasonal quest, "Think Pink", is back once again.

Different variations on this quest are available at a few different levels, but only until the end of October, while the Pink Plant is still available in the Gift Shoppe.

September 2020

Jurassic Wildlife!
Monday September 21st
A brand new set of wildlife has arrived in Fairyland today, and it's one we've received numerous requests for on our forums... Dinosaurs!

There are 8 Dinosaurs in all. Part of the fun of this challenge is that you need to attract/spot many of the original 'level-up' Fairyland wildlife along the way, and different Gardens will need to attract different ones, so Fairyland should come alive with many old favourites once again :)

Full details, as always, can be found in the Wildlife Guide, under the "Dino" tab - be sure to read it carefully before you start!

The Dinosaurs are a long-term challenge which you can dip in and out of, in between other things. And when you successfully complete this challenge, there's also a nice reward at the end :)

August 2020

Woohoo, Special Offer Time!
Wednesday August 26th
Great news - we have a Double Star Dust offer starting today. You get twice the usual amount of Star Dust with any purchase.

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This special offer is only around for the next couple of weeks, so don't miss it!

July 2020

June 2020

Sunflowers and New Mushroom Pots!
Friday June 26th
Sunflower gifts are now available again for sending to friends!

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While fully grown, the Sunflower will bring the Sun out in your Garden, and the Mice and Mallards will be taking shade under their Mushrooom Parasols!
Seasonal Quest Alert!
Our new seasonal quest, "Fun In The Sun", is also open again.

Different variations on this quest are available at a few different levels, but only until the end of September, while the Sunflowers are still available in the Gift Shoppe.

Sunflower Growing Challenge

Our seasonal Sunflower-Growing Challenge is also back once again - challenge yourself to grow the tallest Sunflower you can, and earn a fabulous new Mushroom Pot for different heights grown.

All Sunflowers are 20 inches in height when the flower first blooms. Then for the first hour after the flower appears, you have the opportunity to make it grow taller by spotting and/or attracting Summer Mice & Mallards. Each one you either spot in another Garden, or is spotted in your Garden, will cause your leftmost Sunflower to grow by 2 inches (or by 4 inches if it's a Summer Pygmy Mouse.)

You have exactly 1 hour to grow your Sunflower taller by spotting/attracting the Summer Mice & Mallards (note: you can't freeze your garden during this time.) You then need to wait for the Sunflower to become "Ready For Harvest" and when you harvest it, you get a Mushroom Pot corresponding to the height of Sunflower you grew.

Here are Sunflower heights you need to grow to earn each of the pots:
Sunflower HeightPot
22-25 inches
26-29 inches
30-33 inches
34-37 inches
38-43 inches
44-49 inches
50+ inches

Sunflowers are available ALL SUMMER (until the end of September) so there's plenty of time... Happy Sunflower Growing!

For a little extra fun and friendly competition, here are the tallest Sunflowers grown in the whole of Fairyland this season! There are no prizes for the tallest - this is just for fun. Can you get your name up there?!

Today's 10 Tallest Sunflowers

Updated every 5 minutes

1st Place
72 inches

2nd Place
58 inches

3rd Place
50 inches

4th Place
46 inches

5th Place
44 inches

6th Place
44 inches

7th Place
44 inches

8th Place
44 inches

9th Place
42 inches

10th Place
42 inches

Yesterday's 10 Tallest Sunflowers

Updated daily at midnight GMT

(None Yet!)

All-Time 10 Tallest Sunflowers

Updated daily at midnight GMT

1st Place
584 inches

2nd Place
536 inches

3rd Place
446 inches

4th Place
306 inches

5th Place
304 inches

6th Place
290 inches

7th Place
256 inches

8th Place
238 inches

9th Place
236 inches

10th Place
232 inches

It's Summertime In Fairyland!
Sunday June 21st
The Summer Solstice is upon us (in the northern hemisphere) which is officially the first day of Summer in Fairyland!

This means our Summer seasonal wildlife are beginning to arrive again, starting today with the Beehives, which will not only bring Bees but also a few other honey-loving wildlife to your Garden!

Beehive gifts can be sent to friends using the links below:

Send Gifts

If this is your first time doing Beehives, or if you need a quick reminder of how they work, please click here

Special Offer - Final Chance!
Saturday June 13th
Just a reminder that our special Double Star Dust offer ends very soon, so this is your last chance to get it!

The Special Offer Has Now Ended!

May 2020

Woohoo, Special Offer Time!
Friday May 22nd
Great news - we have a Double Star Dust offer starting today. You get twice the usual amount of Star Dust with any purchase.

Click Here To View Offer

This special offer is only around for the next couple of weeks, so don't miss it!

April 2020

Rainbow Candy Critters!
Wednesday April 29th
With many Fairylanders enjoying the Candy Critter challenge, a few late arrivals thought they would join the fun.... the Rainbow Candy Critters!

This is an extension to the current challenge, so you still need to figure out how to attract the Violet Candy Critters first, and you can then move on to figuring out how to attract each Rainbow Candy Critter.

As always, details are in the Wildlife Guide :)
Plant An Earth Flower For Earth Day!
Friday April 17th
Fairyland's Earth Flower is back again, in time for Earth Day on April 22nd!

Send Gifts

As usual, the Earth Flower also attracts cute little Earthworms to your Garden (which are quite rare, so you may need to plant a few Earth Flowers to attract them more easily.)

Let's Make Fairyland (Even More) Beautiful!
Saturday April 4th
As you know, your Garden has a feature allowing you to 'freeze' your favourite background effects in place after growing them (for example, by using the 'Magical Pots'.) However the background currently needs to be re-frozen with Star Dust every week.

The great news starting today is that when you freeze your background it will now last indefinitely, meaning you don't need to remember to re-freeze it ever again and you can also use more of your Star Dust for Superfood instead :)

The only time you now need to re-freeze your background is when you decide to add new effects and wish to freeze those new ones in place. (You can always remove one or more effects at any time, just like before.)

This change will take effect the next time you use Star Dust to freeze your background effects.

Hopefully we'll now see lots more beautiful and creative Garden backgrounds throughout Fairyland :)

March 2020

It's A Free Superfood Weekend!!
Friday March 27th
It's been a while since we last had one, so it's time for another...

Free Superfood Time Remaining: 2 days, 17 hours

In case you haven't been around for a Free Superfood Weekend before, this simply means that Superfood is FREE for everyone from now until the end of this weekend :)

Have fun!
It's Egg-Hunting Season Again!
Wednesday March 18th
It's time to go egg-hunting again - get started now by sending beautiful Daffodil gifts to friends!

Send Gifts

Daffodils attract the Easter Bunny. Remember to keep an empty "nest" in your own Garden while hunting for him as he will drop a decorated egg for you whenever you spot him in another garden, which will then incubate in your nest.

Chocolate Eggs!

Just like previous years, the Easter Bunny will very occasionally drop a Chocolate Egg instead of the usual decorated ones. However this only happens extremely rarely (there's only about a 1 in 100 chance that the egg will be Chocolate.)

If you do manage to get a Chocolate Egg in your nest, it will attract the Chocolate Bunny to your Garden, and will continue to attract it even after it has "hatched"! Chocolate Bunnies also drop Chocolate Eggs (for every 10th one you spot in other gardens), which means that this will become the best way to find Chocolate Eggs, once there are enough Gardens attracting the Chocolate Bunnies.

Other (decorated) eggs will still hatch into Baby Chicks as before, or you can choose to hatch them underwater (where they will hatch into Baby Seahorses - see the Seasonal section of the Wildlife Guide for full details.)

Not finished building a nest yet? Don't worry - so that everyone can join the fun right away, you can get a ready-completed nest simply by clicking here! (Note: The free nest will not be available if you have already collected it in a previous year.)

To host multiple eggs at once in your Garden, you will of course need to build additional nests yourself (empty nesting trees are available in the gift shoppe)

Seasonal Quest Alert!
Finally, the seasonal quest, "Do you have the Eggs Factor?", is back again of course!

A different variation on this quest is available at every level, while the Daffodil is available in the Gift Shoppe!

Happy Egg Hunting!
Special Offer - Final Chance!
Thursday March 12th
Just a reminder that our special Double Star Dust offer ends very soon, so this is your last chance to get it!

The Special Offer Has Now Ended!

Leprechauns and Shamrocks!
Tuesday March 10th
It's the time of year again when the Leprechauns pay a visit to Fairyland, and they can be spotted around the Gardens mischeivously stealing the veggies which have been left out for Wildlife!

Leprechauns are attracted to Gardens with fully grown Shamrocks, and these are available now for gifting to friends:

Send Gifts

As usual, every Shamrock harvested releases a Pot O' Gold. There's a 1 in 10 chance that a Shamrock will be a lucky "4-Leaf Clover" (these release more Gold than the regular Shamrocks ones when harvested!)

Seasonal Quest Alert!
The Leprechaun's seasonal quest, "Luck Of The Irish", is also available again - but only until March 17th!

Shamrock Pots!

In case you missed them in previous years, Shamrock Pots are also available again...

The "Inflating" Shamrock Pot is earned for every 10th Leprechaun you spot (either regular or Scuba-Leprechaun) in other Gardens. He will then drop one of these for you, sending it to your Storage Area.

The Shamrock "Hand-Painted Pot" design is also available again in the Pot Shoppe.
10th Annual Fairyland Players Convention (UK)
Monday March 9th
Every year, a group of Fairylanders organize a convention where players can get together and meet each other and enjoy a day of Fairyland-themed fun. Dozens of players attend each year, with some travelling around the world to be there! The day is always a lot of fun and everyone's very friendly.

Following the success of last year's event, it's being held at the same venue again this year (Chesil Vista in Weymouth, Dorset, UK), on Saturday June 20th

Tickets are £15 and everyone's invited, so if you're interested in coming along and meeting other friendly Fairylanders then you can purchase your ticket via PayPal by clicking here and also join the event's Facebook Group to meet other attendees before you go and ask any questions you may have about about getting there/accommodation etc.

Please note that this event is organized by players, not by Fairyland, so all questions etc should be directed to the organizers via their Facebook Group.

February 2020

Special Offer!
Thursday February 27th
We have a Double Star Dust offer starting today - get twice the usual amount of Star Dust with any purchase!

Click Here To View Offer

This special offer is only around for the next couple of weeks, so don't miss it!

Love Is In The Air!
Saturday February 1st
February is the month of Love in Fairyland, and the Loveflower is now available again for sharing with friends!

Send Gifts

When flowering, the Loveflower attracts beautiful Lovebirds to your Garden, and you can also attract Cupid Mouse by using the Loveflower's Glass Vase (see the Wildlife Guide for more details of how to do this.)

Seasonal Quest!
The seasonal quest, "Be My Valentine", is also available again (at Quest Levels I and II.) It's available while the Loveflower is in the Gift Shoppe.

January 2020

The First Flower Of Spring!
Friday January 31st
Wintertime is drawing to a close in Fairyland, and the First Flowers of Spring have just started to appear!

Send Gifts

When flowering, the First Flower of Spring will attract the Groundhog to your Garden. According to Fairyland Folklore, when the Groundhogs leave hibernation and begin visiting the Gardens again, it's a sure sign that winter will soon be over and spring is just around the corner!

Then when Ready For Harvest, the First Flower of Spring will bring springtime showers in your Garden... but remember that you need to have a cloud in your sky first, produced by a RFH "Cumulus Albiflorus" planted in a "White Marshmallow" Magical Pot - after all, there can't be any rain without a cloud in the sky!
Candy Critters!
Thursday January 9th
7 brand new wildlife (actually 49 if you count all the colour variations) have arrived in Fairyland today, collectively known as the Candy Critters!

Candy Critters are attracted by the fruit of Candyflowers (different colours/shapes of Candy.) You need to find the correct combination of 3 candy shapes/colours to attract each type of Candy Critter.

To get things started, you have 3 Candyflower seeds waiting for you in the Misc section of the Seed Shoppe. These will fruit into completely random Candy shapes & colours - hopefully you'll get lucky and attract something right away... if not, try changing their order in your Garden (the order matters!) and also try different food types.

Finally, be sure to read the full information provided in the Wildlife Guide before you start - there are some important things to know!

Enjoy, and good luck!