Love Is In The Air!
Friday February 1st
February is the month of Love in Fairyland, and the Loveflower is now available again for sharing with friends!

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When flowering, the Loveflower attracts beautiful Lovebirds to your Garden, and you can also attract Cupid Mouse by using the Loveflower's Glass Vase (see the Wildlife Guide for more details of how to do this.)

Seasonal Quest!
The seasonal quest, "Be My Valentine", is also available again (at Quest Levels I and II.) It's available while the Loveflower is in the Gift Shoppe.

January 2019

The First Flower Of Spring!
Thursday January 31st
It may still be Winter in Fairyland, but the First Flower of Spring has just started to appear!

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When flowering, the First Flower of Spring will attract the Groundhog to your Garden. (According to Fairyland Folklore, when the Groundhogs leave hibernation and begin visiting the Gardens again, it's a sure sign that winter will soon be over and spring is just around the corner!)

Then when Ready For Harvest, the First Flower of Spring will bring springtime showers in your Garden (but remember that you need to have a cloud in your sky first, produced by a RFH "Cumulus Albiflorus" planted in a "White Marshmallow" Magical Pot - after all, there can't be any rain without a cloud in the sky!)
Aquarius Zodiac Flower Now Available!
Friday January 18th
It's Zodiac time of the month again, and Aquarius Zodiac Flowers are available again in the gift shoppe for sending to friends!

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If you would like further help with how the Zodiac flowers work (birthstones, baby wildlife etc), please click here!