Earth Hour - Saturday 8:30pm!
Friday March 29th
Earth Hour is this Saturday at 8:30pm (your local time, wherever you are in the world.)

If you would like to 'turn out the lights' for an hour in your Fairyland Garden, our Limited Edition Earth Flower gives you the power to do so, and it's available now for gifting to friends!

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As usual, the Earth Flower also attracts cute little Earthworms to your Garden (which are quite rare, so you may need to plant more than one.)

It's Egg-Hunting Season Again!
Monday March 25th
It's time to go egg-hunting again - get started now by sending beautiful Daffodil gifts to friends!

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Daffodils attract the Easter Bunny. Remember to keep an empty "nest" in your own Garden while hunting for him as he will drop a decorated egg for you whenever you spot him in another garden, which will then incubate in your nest.

Chocolate Eggs!

Just like previous years, the Easter Bunny will very occasionally drop a Chocolate Egg instead of the usual decorated ones. However this only happens extremely rarely (there's only about a 1 in 100 chance that the egg will be Chocolate.)

If you do manage to get a Chocolate Egg in your nest, it will attract the Chocolate Bunny to your Garden, and will continue to attract it even after it has "hatched"! Chocolate Bunnies also drop Chocolate Eggs (for every 10th one you spot in other gardens), which means that this will become the best way to find Chocolate Eggs, once there are enough Gardens attracting the Chocolate Bunnies.

Other (decorated) eggs will still hatch into Baby Chicks as before, or you can choose to hatch them underwater (where they will hatch into Baby Seahorses - see the Seasonal section of the Wildlife Guide for full details.)

Not finished building a nest yet? Don't worry - so that everyone can join the fun right away, you can get a ready-completed nest simply by clicking here! (Note: The free nest will not be available if you have already collected it in a previous year.)

To host multiple eggs at once in your Garden, you will of course need to build additional nests yourself (empty nesting trees are available in the gift shoppe)

Seasonal Quest Alert!
Finally, the seasonal quest, "Do you have the Eggs Factor?", is back again of course!

A different variation on this quest is available at every level, while the Daffodil is available in the Gift Shoppe!

Happy Egg Hunting!
Aries Zodiac Flower Now Available!
Wednesday March 20th
It's Zodiac time of the month again, and Aries Zodiac Flowers are available again in the gift shoppe for sending to friends!

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If you would like further help with how the Zodiac flowers work (birthstones, baby wildlife etc), please click here!

Special Offer!
Tuesday March 12th
Our Double Star Dust offer is back again today - get twice the usual amount of Star Dust with any purchase!

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This special offer is only around for the next couple of weeks, so don't miss it!

Leprechauns and Shamrocks!
Sunday March 10th
It's the time of year again when the Leprechauns pay a visit to Fairyland, and they can be spotted around the Gardens mischeivously stealing the veggies which have been left out for Wildlife!

Leprechauns are attracted to Gardens with fully grown Shamrocks, and these are available now for gifting to friends!

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As usual, every Shamrock harvested releases a Pot O' Gold. There's a 1 in 10 chance that a Shamrock will be a lucky "4-Leaf Clover" (these release more Gold than the regular Shamrocks ones when harvested!)

Seasonal Quest Alert!
The Leprechaun's seasonal quest, "Luck Of The Irish", is also available again - but only until March 17th!

Shamrock Pots!

In case you missed them in previous years, Shamrock Pots are also available again...

The "Inflating" Shamrock Pot is earned for every 10th Leprechaun you spot (either regular or Scuba-Leprechaun) in other Gardens. He will then drop one of these for you, sending it to your Storage Area.

The Shamrock "Hand-Painted Pot" design is also available again in the Pot Shoppe.

February 2019

9th Annual Fairyland Players Convention (UK)
Thursday March 7th
Every year, a group of Fairyland players organize a players' meetup/convention. Dozens of players attend, with some flying around the world to be there! The day is always a lot of fun and everyone's very friendly.

This year, it's back in the UK, in Weymouth, Dorset, and is being held on Saturday June 29th

Tickets are £15 and everyone's invited, so if you're interested in coming along and meeting other friendly Fairylanders (including Fairyland's creator, Mike) then you can purchase your ticket via PayPal by clicking here and also join the event's Facebook Group to meet other attendees before you go and ask any questions you may have about about getting there/accommodation etc.

Please note that this event is organized by players, not by Fairyland, so all questions etc should be directed to the organizers via their Facebook Group.

Pisces Zodiac Flower Now Available!
Tuesday February 19th
It's Zodiac time of the month again, and Pisces Zodiac Flowers are available again in the gift shoppe for sending to friends!

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If you would like further help with how the Zodiac flowers work (birthstones, baby wildlife etc), please click here!

Love Is In The Air!
Friday February 1st
February is the month of Love in Fairyland, and the Loveflower is now available again for sharing with friends!

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When flowering, the Loveflower attracts beautiful Lovebirds to your Garden, and you can also attract Cupid Mouse by using the Loveflower's Glass Vase (see the Wildlife Guide for more details of how to do this.)

Seasonal Quest!
The seasonal quest, "Be My Valentine", is also available again (at Quest Levels I and II.) It's available while the Loveflower is in the Gift Shoppe.

January 2019

The First Flower Of Spring!
Thursday January 31st
It may still be Winter in Fairyland, but the First Flower of Spring has just started to appear!

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When flowering, the First Flower of Spring will attract the Groundhog to your Garden. (According to Fairyland Folklore, when the Groundhogs leave hibernation and begin visiting the Gardens again, it's a sure sign that winter will soon be over and spring is just around the corner!)

Then when Ready For Harvest, the First Flower of Spring will bring springtime showers in your Garden (but remember that you need to have a cloud in your sky first, produced by a RFH "Cumulus Albiflorus" planted in a "White Marshmallow" Magical Pot - after all, there can't be any rain without a cloud in the sky!)
Aquarius Zodiac Flower Now Available!
Friday January 18th
It's Zodiac time of the month again, and Aquarius Zodiac Flowers are available again in the gift shoppe for sending to friends!

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If you would like further help with how the Zodiac flowers work (birthstones, baby wildlife etc), please click here!